Real Bakeries

If you’ve known me for a while you’ll know I’m a huge fan of baked goods (though unfortunately I think it’s beginning to show).

I mean baked goods from a real bakery – you know, the sort that you need to be at around 7.30 in the morning, and you can smell the fresh bread in the air. The sort where you can go in, ask for a loaf of bread, and they say ‘hangon, if you wait just five more minutes it’ll be fresh out of the oven’. The sort that doesn’t give you your bread pre-packaged in a plastic bag.

Unfortunately, however, a lot of the ‘bakeries’ I’ve encountered in my area are the ‘Have a pie’ kind of bakery, usually consisting of pastries of dubious quality (many of which have been sitting in a warmer for some unknown period), or the sort of baked goods that look delicious on the shelf but are inevitably disappointing for numerous reasons.

That is why I have made it my quest to dig up all the real bakeries wherever I go. So far I have found just a handful (and I plan to tell you about them sometime soon), but for now let it be known – I am coming for you, real bakeries, and I shall taste your deliciousy goodness soon.

Om nom nom nom


P.S. My particular favourite at the moment is the bakery that makes these:

Fruit Bagel!

Get in ma tummy

I shall tell you more about them sometime soon :)